Alliance Nursing AFHs

Camilia AFH - Kirkland, WA
Foxglove AFH - Snohomish, WA

Alliance Nursing operates two Adult Family Homes (AFH) which are licensed by Washington's DSHS as an Adult Family Homes; Foxglove AFH in Snohomish and Lilac AFH in Kirkland. Both are licensed for Mental Health, and Dev. Disabilities specialties. Andrea "Andi" Bailey, RN - the provider; is licensed in Wasington State as a Registered Nurse.

Both Foxglove AFH and Lilac AFH each have 6 Private rooms with shared baths.

Both Adult Family Homes have a homey atmosphere for seniors with skilled caregivers and professional oversight. We provide an extensive activities program that takes into consideration the residents needs, interests and capabilities.

Both are experienced with: Hospice / end-of-life, Stroke, Oxygen, Two Person Assists / Hoyer Lifts, Foley Catheters, Ostomy Care, Peg Tube, MS and Parkinson's disease, or are Resistive to Care. We have caregivers certified for delegation of insulin. We have injection capability and will consider residents on sliding scale insulin.

Alliance Nursing specializes in very complex medical care.  They are staffed 24/7 with a licensed nurse as well as aides.  The number of nurses and aides will depend on the complexity of the care needs of the residents.  They are three of the few adult family homes in Washington State who deliver care to Ventilator and Trache Patients.  They also care for other medically complex conditions.

They have 24/7 awake night shift at each home.

They accept private pay and Medicaid.

Our residents typically come from the surrounding communities. They come to us from; their own homes, retirement communities, assisted living, rehab facilities, nursing homes and other similar senior/elder care facilities.

See our Photos page for an idea of what our Adult Family Home looks like, and our Services pages for the services that we offer. Click on the Map buttons below to see exactly where we are located.

Please call for more information or an appointment to view our home --- Andrea "Andi" Bailey, RN - Provider.

Contact Us

  Foxglove AFH
  13027 Dubuque Rd.,   SnohomishWA  98290
    Private room with shared bath
  Provider: Andrea "Andi" Bailey, RN
  Mgr: Deborah Rogers, RN
  Phone: (425) 483-3303

  Lilac AFH
  12929 NE 110th Pl,   KirklandWA  98033
    Private room with shared bath
  Provider: Andrea "Andi" Bailey, RN
  Mgr: Cyndie Geddes, RN
  Phone: (425) 483-3303

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